Disrupt Darkness

Sun Built is a San Diego-based headlight conversion company with top-tier manufacturing in Poland. Our team designs and creates modern headlights for Sprinters to disrupt darkness unlike any other van on the road.

Sun Built headlights are assembled with premium components to withstand the most rigorous conditions and shipped to you ready to be installed.

Sprinter T1N (2002 – 2006)
Sprinter NCV3 (2007 – 2013)
Sprinter NCV3 (2014 – 2018)

How did this start?

While preparing his 2004 Sprinter for a cross-country roadtrip, Sun Built co-proprietor Joe Fonicello was uninspired by the stock headlights. Not only did the light output only narrowly beat a candle, the assemblies made an otherwise timeless van look dated.

Fonicello spent hours looking for custom headlights for Sprinters, but without any options readily available on the market he began to consider what it would take to create his own.

After months of communications with a premier manufacturer in Dukla, Poland, the headlights arrived in the U.S. ready for the road and they kicked ass. Assembled with euro-spec clear DEPO housings and Morimoto BiXenon projectors, the first night drive brought Fonicello the realization that every van needs these headlights.

On Jun 22, 2020, Fonicello decided to bring his Sprinter projector headlights to the market, later forming Sun Built.

With zero advertising budget, Sun Built relies on the word of mouth generated by having a killer product.

Let’s disrupt darkness and make night driving safer for all enthusiasts.

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Conversion Vans

Modern design meets functionality and freedom. Sun Built formerly offered adventure-ready vans ready for any journey thrown at it.

2019 Sprinter “Zen”
2014 Sprinter “Solana”